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Respected Attorney For Appeals And Motions In Texas And Federal Appellate Courts

Appeals and motions prepared by Jack E. Urquhart are solidly grounded in fact and law, and a practical touch gained from years of tireless work and commitment to individual clients and the peers with whom he joint ventures. Unsatisfactory trial outcomes for individuals battling institutional defendants are not uncommon, and the potential need for appeal should be anticipated as each case begins. Jack Urquhart brings his wealth of courtroom experience to bear in each motion and each appeal he prepares; always and at all times attempting to put his client in the best position to prevail. Jack Urquhart enjoys the unique challenge of a difficult appeal to vindicate and important right. He appreciates lawyers and law firms throughout Texas and the U.S. that have sought his support with motions and appeals, including:

  • Advice and co-counsel for the preparation and management of other attorneys’ appeals
  • Appeals for trial outcomes achieved by other litigators in and out of state
  • Appeals for clients who have brought lawsuits or defended against them through this law firm

Attorney Jack E. Urquhart is particularly well-known for his skills in preparing and bringing appeals having to do with products liability and civil rights cases. He draws on a vast network of resources when gathering necessary data. He assists other attorneys whose primary focus is trial, rather that motion practice or appeals.

Appeals And Appellate Courts

From law offices in Houston, attorney Urquhart’s appellate practice involves motions and appeals brought before all Texas courts and virtually all state and federal courts in the country, including the United States Supreme Court.

At Jack E. Urquhart Attorney at Law, clients throughout Texas and nationwide find the assistance they need when:

  • Writing effective legal briefs
  • Preparing and responding to motions to dismiss cases
  • Designing and managing trial strategies

Mr. Urquhart advises and assists attorneys who must prepare or respond to motions to dismiss, complaints, motions against summary judgment, evidentiary challenges, challenges to expert witnesses and motions for new trials. Such motions may be submitted during and just prior to trial. Attorney Urquhart is available to assist with these and similar matters on an emergency one-time basis or as a longstanding collaborator.

Inquiries Are Always Welcome

Attorneys, representatives of law firms and private individuals looking for appellate options after an unsatisfactory trial outcome are invited to request more information about the help available through Jack E. Urquhart Attorney at Law.

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