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Trumpcare: Can it get more absurd?

by | Jul 14, 2017 | healthcare, Preexisting conditions, Trumpcare |

Trumpcare: Can it get more absurd?

Jack Urquhart

With each attempt, Trumpcare becomes more ridiculous. I realize the GOP agenda is guided by their visceral distaste for and repressed envy of President Obama rather than actual policy, but today’s Senate proposal is a real laugher.

The bill attempts to placate the oh so ALL-American Cruz-Lee combo by taking even more from the most needy. The GOP figures American’s are way too stupid to realize that driving the most needy to ERs for basic care costs us all money. Guess who pays the bills the less fortunate simply can’t pay? The hospitals? Big Pharma? Insurance companies? Of course not. The big players just pass it on to consumers. And, of course, the GOP could care less about anyone unable or unwilling to make big time political contributions or engage big time lobbyists.

Trumpcare dumps the basic care coverage requirements demanded by the ACA. Rips health insurance from millions. Does nothing to stabilize the insurance markets. Guarantees large premium increases for all but the most wealthy. Jeopardizes all with pre-existing conditions. Strips consumers of ACA protections. Rips away the ACA’s commitment to tie healthcare costs to the value of the care provided.

Trumpcare has nothing for anyone except those with assets so  great they can pay for their healthcare needs out of their pocket change.

The bill has no provision whatever to address rising healthcare costs and rising insurance premiums.

Its sole benefit to all but the mega-wealthy is repeal of the ACA that the GOP demonizes as a matter of its sacred ideology. The bill replaces the ACA with a patch-work quilt of pork designed to win passage with no regard for America’s real healthcare needs.

How bad is Trumpcare? After years of bashing the ACA and bragging about their wonderful plans for healthcare reform, the GOP Senate leadership is in turn threatening and groveling to get the votes to pass it.